Rubber Seat Butterfly Valve With Actuators Supplier

RUBBER SEAT BUTTERFLY VALVE is a pressure valve which controls flow through a pipe by use of a single disc mounted on a central shaft.

In rubber seat valves there is a rubber seat between outer diameter of the disc and the inner wall of the valve. materials. We conduct strict quality checks while sourcing the raw material.

Specification :

Type Wafer Type Centric Disc Rubber Seat Butterfly Valve With Actuator Operated.
Mfg. Std. BS-5155/ API-609
Ends Wafer To suit ASME B16.5, ANSI-150# Flanges
Manufacturing Range Sizes 11/2" NB (40mm) To 8” NB (200mm) Up to 12” on request
Inspection & Testing BS 6755/ API-598
M. O .C.S S-316 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8M), SS-304 (ASTM A-351 GR CF8) C.S (ASTM A-216 GR WCB) & Cast Iron

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